These are some of the services offered through our wellness program designed to help you create a personalized prevention help plan to prevent disease and disability based on your current health and risk factors.

  • Advanced Diagnostic Testing: Pharmacogentics (PGx) Testing – Pharmacogenetics is a DNA test that shows how your genes effect your body’s response to medications. This test helps to remove the “trial and error” out of getting prescribed the right medication by your physician.

  • Wellness Testing – (Heart, kidney and liver functions, hormones, vitamin and nutrition, heavy metals, etc.) Blood Wellness testing is a comprehensive metabolic panel that provides an overall picture of the body’s health.




The Peak 1 Affiliate program is a certification program designed to vet and certify treatment facilities, to provide treatment programs designed specifically for first responders that meet a quality of excellence in providing care and treatment in their journey of recovery.

The biggest issue we have found in why more first responders don’t get help, is that most first responders either don’t know where to look and or don’t know who to trust to get the help they need. Our initial efforts in creating an outlet for help and change is to identify top treatment facilities across the country that have a level of quality and excellence in treating first responders specifically.

Peak 1 Wellness’s job is to vet and certify only the top rehabilitation facilities in the country. If your facility is approved you will be joining a select group. Your facility will be branded Peak 1 Certified, telling others this facility has been viewed, vetted and trained by first responders for first responders. Once certified, your facility will be held to a level of care and standards expected by the departments and agencies that you will need to maintain. We will be administering bi-annual checkups on site, making sure facilities are up to Peak 1 Affiliate standards.


  1. Quality Control- Maintaining standards regulations and procedures
  2. Handling patient specific issues (i.e. family, special circumstances, career specific)
  3. Assist with transfer of patients
  4. Continued Training- New tools and information acquired will be shared and staff will be trained as necessary
  5. Marketing and Exposure- Social Media, website, blogs, agency trainings, conferences and speaking engagements.
  6. Data gathering for improvements


  1. Train staff on first responder specific treatment protocols
  2. Provide a Certificate to display in facility
  3. Press Release & Social Media Announcement
  4. Setup of first responder specific testing as per agency guidelines
  5. Consult or recommend curriculum to improve first responder program
  6. Presented as a Peak 1 Certified Facility

Please contact us if your are interested in being a PEAK 1 AFFILIATE and would like us to contact you about our certified program.